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Ott Vineyards and Winery: A Pinnacle of North Georgia Wine Tours

Captivating Landscape and Unique Grapes Perched in the heart of North Georgia, Ott Vineyards and Winery showcases an unparalleled view of the region's mountainous expanse. Across its sprawling 20-acre estate, the winery cultivates a rich variety of over 8 acres of French-American hybrids and Vinifera grapes, including Seyval Blanc, Traminette, and Cabernet Franc. Such diversity has secured its status as an essential stop on Ellijay wine tours, offering both novice and seasoned wine enthusiasts an intimate experience of Georgia's viticulture.

A Tapestry of Experiences More than just a winery, Ott Vineyards unfolds as a cultural mosaic, making it a top choice on the best Georgia wine tour. Vibrant rhythms of live music echo across the vineyard every weekend, creating a lively backdrop for both casual visitors and wine aficionados. Their famous Tuesday Open Mic Night has grown into a local tradition, drawing talents from all over. Complementing the music, the winery often hosts local food trucks, providing a culinary journey that pairs perfectly with Ott's wine selection. For those seeking lighter fare or a souvenir, Ott's picnic cooler and boutique offer everything from delectable jams to handcrafted gifts.

The Inspiring Journey of Mike & Lee Ott At the heart of Ott Vineyards lies the passionate story of Mike and Lee Ott. Mike's early beginnings as a pioneering young fern farmer in Florida paved the way for his integral role in shaping the North Georgia wine scene. Meeting Lee, whose dedication to healing and recovery mirrored Mike's commitment to agriculture, was serendipitous. United by their shared vision, the duo embarked on a journey, transforming raw land into flourishing vineyards, and later, into tantalizing wines. The tasting room, an emblem of their five-year dedication, continues to thrive, welcoming wine lovers to partake in their dream.

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