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Wineries in Ellijay GA

When it comes to the winery scene and finding the best wineries in North Ga it starts with Ellijay. With Ellijay featuring nearly 10 wineries and more being built as we speak, it has become a highlighted stop for wine lovers. Whether you are a beginner or have been exploring wines for years, the best wineries in Ellijay GA offer a great selection to try out. Not only do they offer award winning wines, but you’ll also find venues and views that match the atmosphere of european, californian, and other popular wine regions. So without further ado, let’s dive into the world of wine and see what the best wineries in north GA have to offer! 

Chateau Meichtry: A Pinnacle of Ellijay Wineries 

A family owned winery that began with Stephan Meichtry coming to America in the 1920s, his love for wine has passed on generations and eventually led to the building of this winery. It’s even said that Stephan brought over a grape vine from overseas and planted it here on the property. Being around for over 10 years now, they offer everything you would expect at a top winery in north Georgia! With an outstanding view of the mountains in the distance, a beautiful venue designed for luxury, and an amazing variety of wines offered, you’ll have a hard time leaving once you sit down and start sipping! 

Engelheim Vineyards: The German Palace for Wine

Engelheim Vineyards began with Gary Engel years ago when he decided to show off his German heritage with this German style winery. With nearly 20 acres of vineyard, close to 80% of their wines here are going to be made from their very own grapes! The other 20% is going to be made from imported grapes from California and even Europe! Known for their award winning wines, you can’t go wrong here as you can taste a few of their Gold Medal and Silver Medal wines that will leave you definitely taking a bottle to go. They also just recently finished their new venue that can hold close to 300+ people! A perfect and majestic place to plan your wedding, or any other special events you may have in mind. 

Ott Farms and Vineyard: A Hidden Gem 

Another family owned winery, you’ll find a great atmosphere here with live music on the weekends and even a wednesday night “Mic Night” for you to show off your own singing talents! With a spectacular view to enjoy while you sip your wine on their outdoor patio, it makes for a great relaxing spot that’s perfect to bring that special someone with you for an intimate scene. Like Chateau, they offer a variety of wines from full bodied reds, blends, crisp and smooth whites, all the way to sweeter muscadine based wines. You’ll find something for everyone's palate here! 

Roo Mountain Vineyards: A New Ellijay Highlight

Opening their doors on July 1st of 2023, this is the newest winery of Ellijay. However, don’t let that deter you, as they have spared no expense in creating an amazing atmosphere with their rooftop patio, fireplace, and very comfortable seating. And of course another amazing view of the north Georgia mountains to look over as you enjoy a glass of wine. Coming in late February of 2024, they’ll be opening their doors to their brand new tasting room that will have 60 taps for wine, beer, and hard cider, so it’s a great place to stop for wine and beer lovers alike. If you’ve ever visited some of the California valley wineries, you’ll find a lot of similarities here! 

Conclusion: 4 MUST Visits While Visiting Ellijay

All in all, each of these wineries offer amazing views, great wine, and a special atmosphere that you simply won’t find elsewhere! Now you might be thinking, “How am I going to take my friends and family to all of these wineries and try all the wine without driving a little tipsy?”, and that’s a great question. That’s why Ellijay has multiple tour companies that offer all day excursions that can take you around to all 4 in 1 day! North Georgia Wine Trips specifically offers packages that include tasting flights for everyone at each stop, lunch, charcuteries, and an amazing white glove service that leaves you worry free for the day! They’re drivers go above and beyond to help with recommendations of wine based on your palate and will make sure you have everything you need for the day! So check out their packages and book a tour today to create memories that last a lifetime. Here’s a link to their packages!

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