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Roo Mountain Vineyard: A Beacon of North Georgia Wine Tours

Amidst the verdant expanses of the Blue Ridge foothills, only a short distance from historic Downtown Ellijay, lies Roo Mountain Vineyard - an epitome of luxurious comfort and North Georgia's wine magnificence. If your journey through wine tours of Georgia leads you here, it promises a serene yet tantalizing experience.

Ellijay Wine Tours often revel in history, and Roo Mountain Vineyard adds to this allure with a modern twist. The roots of this establishment trace back to the undying passion of its founders, long-time residents of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Their love for wine, harmonious music, and cherished company laid the foundation of this sanctuary in 2018. Since its inception, meticulous planning and dedication have transformed the vision of Roo Mountain into a reality, making it a must-visit destination for wine tours Ellijay GA.

But what truly distinguishes Roo Mountain on North Georgia wine trips?

Upon arrival, guests are greeted by an extensive selection of wines and hard ciders - all curated and crafted by the vineyard's skilled team. With two years dedicated to planning and soil testing, the vineyard celebrated its first harvest of Petit Verdot and Merlot grapes in 2021. Today, the vineyard sprawls across 6 acres, boasting 6,000 vines positioned with a Vertical Shoot Positioned trellis system. For enthusiasts and connoisseurs, Roo Mountain's offerings extend beyond traditional bottled wines. Their innovative 26-tap system at the rooftop tasting bar allows wines on tap, ensuring prolonged freshness and championing eco-friendly practices.

Set amidst 226 acres of what was once thriving farmland, Roo Mountain Vineyard stands as a testament to the enchanting beauty of the Blue Ridge foothills. This idyllic setting envelops a 12,000 square foot winery, a barrel room, and a rooftop garden bar, each offering panoramic views that seem to merge the horizon with vineyard greens. Plans are in motion for a main tasting room and an outdoor amphitheater that promises live music and enthralling events.

But why the name "Roo"? This vineyard carries the emblem of a rooster, paying homage to Native American traditions which honor various birds. Revered as a symbol of dawn, resurrection, and protection, the rooster stands for voicing out for the collective good. The lore of Roo Mountain encapsulates a heartwarming tale of a rooster and hen, the property's original mascots left behind in 2018, epitomizing the spirit and essence of the vineyard.

In conclusion, as your North Georgia Wine Tours progress, let Roo Mountain Vineyard be a chapter that takes you on a journey of flavors, history, and nature's beauty. It isn't just a wine destination; it's an experience woven with tales of the past and promises of the future.

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