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Engelheim Vineyards: A Testament to Passion and Heritage

Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Ellijay, Engelheim Vineyards stands as a beacon of dedication to exceptional winemaking and the heart of the North Georgia wine tours. With a firm focus on growing outstanding grapes, Engelheim, translating to "Angel Home" in German, pays homage not only to the Engel family's German lineage but also their unwavering faith and gratitude to God.

A Humble Beginning

Gary Engel, after an illustrious 27-year service in the Army, felt a calling to return to his agrarian roots. This vision led him, alongside Jan Engel, to lay the foundation of Engelheim Vineyards in 2007. From the initial planting in 2009 to the opening of their Bavarian-style tasting room in 2014 and the grand unveiling of the sprawling 12,000 square foot event center, "Venue in the Vines," in 2022, the Engel family's journey is nothing short of inspiring. The Engelheim experience is not merely about wines; it's about creating a sustainable legacy for the Engel family. The vineyard stands as a testament to their Christian values and the marvel of God's gifts.

Award-Winning Wines to Savor

Engelheim Vineyards, during its journey, has amassed over 20 accolades, including the coveted "2018 Georgia Winery of the Year" and "Best Georgia Grown Wine" in successive years. The awards shine a spotlight on the heart, soul, and effort poured into every bottle. Whether you're savoring the acclaimed Petite Manseng or the delightful red blend, Doxology, you're partaking in the pinnacle of Ellijay wine tours.

Family and Pet-Friendly Oasis

Engelheim prides itself on being a haven for families and their furry companions. While children are warmly welcomed, the vineyard encourages careful supervision, given the delicate nature of the winery setup. Dogs, socialized and on a leash, can find camaraderie with the Engels' own Coco, Mitzy, and the playful Basset Hound mix, Cindy Sue. In conclusion, Engelheim Vineyards doesn't just offer the best Georgia wine tour; it offers an experience steeped in family values, passion, and a rich heritage. Whether you're a wine aficionado or a casual visitor, this vineyard promises a day of memorable experiences. The Engel family, with their dedicated staff, eagerly await your visit, ensuring every moment spent is a cherished one.

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